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Wedding Photography of the Day: 001

Wedding Photography

Photo of the day 001: by Kansas City Photographers Photos Edge


This is my first photo of the day; I am hoping for this to be a series that I keep up.  Just a simple share of one of my favorite photos, they can be new or old, and from any style of photography.

Today my photo is a wedding portrait from Jim and Xandra’s big day.  The image was posted on facebook and got rave reviews followed by a lot of questions.  The number one question I got was “Where was this taken?”  The answer is: at The Kauffman Center of Performing Arts.  It was early evening in the fall on a semi cloudy day with a small breeze.  I laid on the ground and shot up at the lovely couple.  We had them stand and smile, kiss, walk up and down holding hands, and also spin.  This was one of the spinning shots.  With her hands raised and cheerful disposition, what I love most about the shot besides the composition is the fact that everyone knows how fun this was.  Right then Jim spun his wife around in celebration of their day and without seeing their faces the mood is captured.


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