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The Father of the Bride reveal that made everybody cry

Allyson knew the moment her Dad saw her all dressed up for the wedding day would be a big deal, and though she thought she knew what would happen, his reaction caught her off guard. The Della Terra mountain Chateau where the wedding took place is perched on the side of Mt McGregor, just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. One of the things Allyson loves about this location are the sweeping views of Colorado Pines that blur into the distance, covering peaks for miles as far as the eye can see. So this is where she chose to have her Dad reveal, where he would see her in the wedding gown for the first time.

As Allyson’s father was led outside, her bridesmaids linked up to make a wall to block her from view. Once he was in position, the agony of waiting all over his face, the wall of bridesmaids parted down the middle to reveal Allyson in her gorgeous white gown. When he turned around and saw his daughter, he lost it, and tears rolled uncontrollably down his face. She was shocked by his reaction, and as she covered her mouth, tears started streaming from her eyes as well. Soon everyone was crying – the bridesmaids, Allyson’s mother, even the photographers couldn’t keep a dry eye! That morning the joy and love between a father and daughter was shared with all of us, and we are so honored to have captured it.

Scroll through to see all this beautiful emotion play out for yourself!

Allyson’s bridesmaids make a wall by linking hands so her dad can’t see her until the moment of reveal!

Allyson’s dad in position to see his daughter. You can see he is already chocking back tears of love.

Now that it’s time the bridesmaid wall parts down the middle, revealing Allyson in her beautiful gown!

This is the moment when her dad turns around to see his daughter standing tall and proud, smiling at him.

It’s too much for him, she is too beautiful, and the joy hits him in the heart, forcing tears down his cheeks.

His reaction shocks Allyson, who covers her mouth as he covers his eyes.

She reaches for him as he comes closer. Neither of them can stop sobbing.

Father and bride embrace, soon it will be time for him to walk her down the aisle.

He wipes his eyes one more time, and gets himself composed.

A lovely portrait of Allyson and her father.

One last embrace, you can see how tightly they hold on to each other. Moments like these are why we love photographing weddings.

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