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Kansas City Photographers, Engagement Photography, Photos Edge

Chris and Jeannine’s Urban Engagement Session Bold and Colorful Kansas City Engagement by Photos Edge The session was wonderful, and as my car broke down after the great session my heart sank.  There we were, all four of us on the 12th street bridge at 4:30pm anticipating rush hour to hit.  Marco and I for […]

Kansas City Photographers, Engagement Photography, Photos Edge

I meet people and they inspire me.  It could be from the way they look to the way they laugh.  Katherine had a smile that made me want to take her picture.  When I met her I wanted to be a part of their big day just because I knew that I would love photographing […]

Ethiopian Christian Engagement

Ethiopian Christian Engagement Kansas City Photographers With amazing smiles that could be spotted a mile away, Tewabe and Lydia walked towards us in the historic West Bottoms of Kansas City.  Before long it became apparent that the enigmatic smiles were very contagious.  I could see that Erin was smiling behind her camera despite the heat, […]

Couples Photography

Couples Photography Kansas City Photographers | Photos Edge Their laughter filled the studio and the structure of how they fit together astonished me.  I love the way couples fit, really fit together.  The way one laughs while the other smiles, they way they wait in pause for just a moment to listen to one another, […]


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