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A love for a lifetime Kyle and Kira’s Engagement Session in Lawrence Ks   Images that tell a story, photos that touch the soul, moments we want to relive over and over again, there is no getting around it, we all want a love for a lifetime . And I want to share the beauty […]

When I edited this session I was blown away by the color; it was bold, memorable, and clean.  I felt like I was editing an ad for a detergent company.  The colors were natural. I didn’t pop color on these at all. I am a color person but I LOVE a good black and white […]

Kansas City Engagement Session Couples Photos in Kansas City There were joggers running up an down the steps to McCormick and Schmick’s when Noorah and Brett arrived, Marco and I were running a little late due to the couch riding in my back seat.  I couldn’t see very well with the traffic and was driving slower […]

Kansas City Engagement Each couple is different, every moment unique to them. From how they fit together to how they relax with laughter. Kristen and Garrett look amazing interacting with each other.  I set the stage and they get to interact, the process creates some amazing photojournalism and moments that make lasting memories.  We don’t […]

Kansas Photographers Filed Engagement Photos | Erin + Josh The sun was going down peeking through the trees saying good night with it’s last few rays.  Being the romantic moment that it was Josh and Erin had some incredible engagement photos.  There are the posed shots, a few candids, some photojournalism, and the moments in-between. […]

Kansas City Engagement Photographers There are so many wonderful things that I can say about Katy and Chandler: they are cute, nice, funny, and really great people to know and hang with.  Trust me, we know some of their friends and they had nothing but down right wonderful things to say about this couple before […]

Couples Photography Kansas City Photographers | Photos Edge Their laughter filled the studio and the structure of how they fit together astonished me.  I love the way couples fit, really fit together.  The way one laughs while the other smiles, they way they wait in pause for just a moment to listen to one another, […]


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Photos Edge is a Wedding Photography studio for busy couples, based in Kansas City and available worldwide. We create museum quality art for your walls and coffee tables so you don't have to look at your phone to relive your favorite memories. We are photographers who document love one wedding at a time.