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As photographers in Kansas City it's our honor to get to know you, it helps us capture important moments with the people you love. Most of our clients become friends, we've been dubbed as photographers for life and friend-ographers! FIfty percent of the people who hire us book  from out of the area. We hope these fun facts will let you know us better. We are more than happy to answer any questions you might have or chat with you over the phone about your wedding or portrait session. 913-602-7043 

1) is always changing her hair
2) loves shoes
3) sings all the time
4) enjoys carpet cleaning
5) eats chocolate ice cream with nerds candies
6) is from Kansas
7) adores her husband
8) loves new experiences
9) almost went to the Olympics
10) wears rock star sunglasses
11) was an actress / opera singer
12) was shot in the face…yes really this happened


1. Polo is his middle name...
2. for real, it's his middle name.
3. was born in Mexico City, MX
4. grew up in Portland, OR
5. is bilingual (Eng & Spa)
6. enjoys great action movies
7. wooed Erin by making salsa
8. has been in 5 different oceans
9. enjoys long walks and hikes
10. favorite color is olive green
11. often wears paisley shirts
12. enjoys dancing with Erin in the kitchen at 2:00 am.


Erin & Marco

1) 2 kids, who begged for 1 cat and a 2 dogs
2) eats dinner at the table (except for pizza movie night)
3) has a family game night
4) likes to go on adventures
5) has two lives: a city life, and country
6) Enjoys church
7) can sing, but we will NEVER be the Partridge Family
8) likes to travel and see things
9) kids always ask to go to “the studio”
10) will always love the original Mario bros

Hernandez-Reisner Family

Our Family

1) Top 10% of photographers in the world
2) Top 5% of wedding photographers in N. America
3) Named Kansas City’s Power Couple
4) Featured on 10 Magazine Covers 
5) 30 Real Weddings Published
6) Instructor at PPO Focus 17

Honors REcieved

7) Top 10 Imager Award
8) 1st Place: best still images in a music video
9) 3 time TZIPAC International Photography Finalist
10) 3 time recipient of WPPI Accolades of Excellence
11) Official judges of the St. Louis Wedding Awards
12) Photography Competition Judge for PPO
13) WPPI 2017 Silver Award


Award Winning Photogrphers

he room was dark, always seemed cold, and I could never write fast enough. I still have the textbook, pages falling out of it's broken binding. The History of Art has found it's way through college with me and has settled itself in our Kansas City studio. 

The Photos Edge classic style is straight out of those pages, inspired by Rembrant and Renoir to create masterpieces for life. The photos are honest, crisp with true color, and are built to be beautiful while telling a story. 

From an early age, Marco and I were performers. The best part is that we know how to set the scene, direct, and pose. Each step strategically choreographed on stage was our foundation, which led to natural posing, making everyone look their best.

Our past experiences have paved the way for a fun and authentic approach to photography, resulting in elegant works of art for you. 

~ Erin has a BFA in Photography, minor in Art History
~ Marco traveled Europe in a Theatre Troupe
~ Erin worked for a Newspaper
~ Marco is a published book editor
~ And... We meet while performing in an Opera,
         Mozart's Don Giovanni
~ We've been photographers in Kansas City since 2007 

fun facts

Behind the ICon

It's a modern spin on the classic paintings: the idea that we would fill homes with museum quality art. The bottom of our icon is the handle of a paint brush while it's bristles have been replaced with a camera's viewfinder. 


Quality, Style, & Education

he Photos Edge portrait studio is located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City in the historic Firestone building. We are on the 5th floor and have a beautiful view of the Kansas City skyline. 

Rows of windows fill our space making it a photographer's dream. We get beautiful natural light filling the studio at all times of day. With 2500 sq ft, multiple backgrounds, and 20 pieces of furniture we will create something wonderful for you. 

Portrait Studio

All meetings and sessions are by appointment only. We look forward to photographing you in the Photos Edge iconic portrait studio.

Not all of our session take place in the photo studio. We go out and about and travel all over the world. But our studio rocks, so if you like it let us know. 



This video of Kansas City Wedding Photographers Marco and Erin shows the love and compassion this couple has for weddings. Making everything about art and the couple. They have managed to create a style that has stood the test of time. See how this wonderful couple works together to document weddings beautifully. Marco and Erin are located in Kansas City but they travel all over the world for wedding photography. They are also available for destination weddings as well. Having a husband and wife team document your wedding is a huge advantage. The couple knows each other and works so well together, it is so smooth. For wedding photography check out this video and get to know Erin and Marco from Photos Edge that much better. 

Erin and MARco of Photos EDge

Wedding Photographers


Check out Photos Edge in action! This fine art photography studio located in Kansas City is a one of a kind studio. This video shows them photographing portraits and working will all kinds of people. Go on the adventure with them and hear about what their clients have to say. Erin is a creative genius. Take a ride in an airplane, go swimming with a senior, and see all kinds of shots of their studio.  

Photos Edge photography studio in action

Fine Art portrait photography


Photos Edge had the honor of being interviewed with Stephanie Ramos, a renowned journalist, who had hired Erin and Marco to photograph her own wedding. This 5 and a half min segment talks about what to look for in a wedding photographer and how to hire a great person for your day. Though a little nervous Erin and Marco did a great job talking about the do's and dont's of hiring a wedding professional. Photography is one of the most important things when it comes to a wedding, making sure you love the photographers work is a must. 

journalist Stephanie Ramos hired erin and marco to shoot her wedding photography

a NEws interview with Photos EDge


arco and I have been photographers in Kansas City since January 2007, when we photographed our first wedding in a blizzard. I remember it like it was yesterday and we are still friends with that lovely couple. 

In 2009 Photos Edge was established. 

Over the years we have had the privilege of being featured in a few videos. The first was for a wedding planning service, the second was a promo video illustrating our creativity, and in the third we were guests on the news.  


Marco + Erin in Action

Photos Edge

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