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Pakistani Wedding | Longview Mansion | Z+N

Pakistani Wedding at Longview Mansion

South Asian Wedding Photography by Photos Edge

As we walked through the gardens at Longview Mansion the sun shined bright, matching the intensity of the colors in Nazia and Zain’s wedding attire. This Pakistani wedding was undoubtedly the most colorful wedding we had ever seen at the historic mansion.   The bride’s gown shimmered as the hand embroidered beads danced above a sea of soft green. The custom gown and purse were designed by the groom’s mother, and Nazia’s big smile let us know that she was enchanted by her mother in law’s gift. The groom wore a tailored pin striped suit in cobalt blue, with a pink tie and handkerchief for a pop of color. Though she was in traditional Pakistani attire, and he was in a modern suit, the colors played off each other and fit together perfectly.

The guests were on their way and we needed portraits of the bride and groom, so we wandered over to the abandoned pergola that sits on the banks of old Longview lake. Zain and Nazia looked into each other’s eyes and for a moment this colorful romance revealed the true love their marriage was built upon. Erin began to pose the bride next to a vine covered pillar, and complemented the beautiful mehndi that covered her hands. Nazia beamed and promptly showed us a secret: she put her palms next to each other, and a heart was formed with the initials N and Z contained inside! This international wedding celebration was full of all the right stuff: warm smiles, joyful laughter, and enough love to last for ages.

Thank you Nazia and Zain, for letting us in on your beautiful wedding.

Please enjoy the stunning portraits!

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