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Engagement Photography | Ben + Jamie

Engagement Photography

Ben constantly smiled at Jami and she would smile right back.  Their favorite photos were the shots of them being themselves, showing off their love and honestly, friendship.  They never spoke about friendship but I could see it, they were best friends and on their wedding day Ben and Jamie will say I do forever to their best friend.  They laugh hard like friends,  joke like friends, but they smile like they are in love.  I can’t wait to photograph their wedding next year filled with joy and laughter just like their engagement session.

The color blows me away, I love it!  Jami’s sense of style makes me giggle, it is just like mine.  When Ben and Jami first walked into our studio Ben was wearing something that looked strangely familiar and as we talked about their wedding we got side tracked and started talking about clothes.  I asked Jami where she got her shirt. “Either Anthropology or Nordstrom?”  With hesitation, I may in fact be wrong. Jami smiled, sat up a little more and said Nordstrom.  We talked about how that is probably my favorite store, hers too. And then I asked where Ben had gotten his shorts, he laughed and said Jamie bought them.  I laughed because Marco has the same pair that I had gotten him.  We wrapped up the conversation on an amazing high note of shared shopping styles and were on our way towards photographing a wonderful couple.  To no surprise I would wear everything Jamie has on in these photos.  It was great styling and I had perfect locations to show them off. The personality and clothes that is. 🙂  Enjoy!


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