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Couples & Engagement Photos

Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Photographers Engagement Session with Jake + Kasara   I work in a unique way. I pull things out of my clients but they also pull things from me.  If I have a crazy fun couple that is just flat out silly, I will rock that like no tomorrow. I mean, I will  photograph […]

Engagement Photographers

Engagement Photographers Kansas City Photography   I think we had taken 3 photos when Ryan Kissed Kayla’s hand and then celebrated with a fist pump in the air.  We weren’t just taking pictures we were celebrating their love, their future, and this moment.  I could have photographed them for hours, they were a joy to […]

Kansas City Photography

Kansas City Photography Kelly’s smile lit up the street.  It was contagious and everyone around was smiling whenever she smiled. Brice had this casual coolness about him, something simple and calming as he forgot about posing and began to have fun with the love of his life.  Kelly, without trying, was beautiful and graceful.  As […]

Engagement Photography in Kansas City

Engagement Photography The first time I remember Meagan she stood up in front of our church singing. Her parents were new pastors to our church and this girl sang the sweetest song. I don’t exactly remember when that was but through the years I have photographed Meagan’s Senior Portraits, was a guest speaker at her […]

Kansas City Photographers

Kansas City Photographers She smiled at me when I told her she looked beautiful, then said something along the lines of being nervous. A few seconds and a shirt change later I knew that Julie Ann had never had professional photographs taken. EVER! I was both surprised and excited.  I get to be the first […]

Photographers in Kansas City

Engagement session For this post of Natalie and Michael’s Engagement session I am going to let their photos tell the story. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love with girl, girls says YES!  These two love birds met for ice-cream and an engagement session. Enjoy the romance, fun, and bold colors.

Ethiopian Christian Engagement

Ethiopian Christian Engagement Kansas City Photographers With amazing smiles that could be spotted a mile away, Tewabe and Lydia walked towards us in the historic West Bottoms of Kansas City.  Before long it became apparent that the enigmatic smiles were very contagious.  I could see that Erin was smiling behind her camera despite the heat, […]

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography in Kansas City Couples portraits | L+L It seems as though I have been doing a ton of Engagement sessions and well we have!  Along with all of the weddings, this seems to be a great season of engagement photos.  It was wonderful getting a call from Lauren and having a last minute […]

St Louis Photographers

St. Louis Photographers Engagement Session at Cedar Lake Cellars I feel in LOVE with Kayla’s boots and her beautiful sweet smile. I had so much fun photographing Kayla and Jason’s love.  It was genuine and wonderful the way that they look at one another, they way they hold each other and the way Jason casually […]

Couples Portraits

Kansas City Engagement Session Couples Photos in Kansas City There were joggers running up an down the steps to McCormick and Schmick’s when Noorah and Brett arrived, Marco and I were running a little late due to the couch riding in my back seat.  I couldn’t see very well with the traffic and was driving slower […]

Kansas City Photographers, Engagement Photography, Photos Edge

Kansas City Engagement Each couple is different, every moment unique to them. From how they fit together to how they relax with laughter. Kristen and Garrett look amazing interacting with each other.  I set the stage and they get to interact, the process creates some amazing photojournalism and moments that make lasting memories.  We don’t […]

Kansas Photographers

Kansas Photographers Filed Engagement Photos | Erin + Josh The sun was going down peeking through the trees saying good night with it’s last few rays.  Being the romantic moment that it was Josh and Erin had some incredible engagement photos.  There are the posed shots, a few candids, some photojournalism, and the moments in-between. […]

Kansas City Engagement Photographers

Kansas City Engagement Photographers There are so many wonderful things that I can say about Katy and Chandler: they are cute, nice, funny, and really great people to know and hang with.  Trust me, we know some of their friends and they had nothing but down right wonderful things to say about this couple before […]

Couples Photography

Couples Photography Kansas City Photographers | Photos Edge Their laughter filled the studio and the structure of how they fit together astonished me.  I love the way couples fit, really fit together.  The way one laughs while the other smiles, they way they wait in pause for just a moment to listen to one another, […]

Engagement Photography

Engagement Photography Ben constantly smiled at Jami and she would smile right back.  Their favorite photos were the shots of them being themselves, showing off their love and honestly, friendship.  They never spoke about friendship but I could see it, they were best friends and on their wedding day Ben and Jamie will say I […]

Couples photography

Couples photography She smiled as she held his hand, she took a slight glance down at the ground and giggled. Ben smiled back and looked at Stephanie like she was the only woman in the world.  To Ben…She is!  Marco and I photographed Stephanie and Ben hanging out with Shatto Milk, their favorite.  The photos […]


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