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15 Ceremony photos from Kansas City weddings

A wedding day has many phases, and each has it’s own charm, but ceremonies hold a special place in my heart. There is something awe-inspiring about witnessing two people intertwine their lives. I have combed through the hundreds of weddings we’ve photographed to show you these fifteen wedding ceremony photos that will make you laugh and cry. These moments are so tender, that life will not be the same once you see them. We definitely got the feels as we picked them out!

15 wedding images you can’t live without

wedding ceremony photo in Redemptorist Catholic Church. Image by Photos Edge

1 This is the breathtaking moment in Scott & JoAnna’s wedding when the Priest and Cantor led the congregation to sing the Psalms. Believe it or not, this image was takin in Kansas City’s own Redemptorist Catholic Church near the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO.

Sometimes wedding ceremony photos are all about tears of joy. Image by Photos Edge.

2 Tears rolled down his cheeks As Anthony was overtaken by the gravity of the moment, standing on the altar with Tricia at Redemptorist Catholic Church. We love wedding ceremony photos filled with tears!

A bride and groom express joy as they walk down the isle following their wedding ceremony at Village Presbyterian Church. Image by Photos Edge.

3 Michele & Chris could not contain their joy as they walked down the isle at Village Presbyterian Church. Her smile was as bright as the sunflowers in her arms, and it made this one of the happiest wedding ceremony photos ever.

A bride and groom share a quiet moment of reflection in this wedding ceremony photo by Photos Edge.

4 A smile spread across Rocio’s lips as Taurino gently took her hand in his. They knelt happily, the wedding lasso embracing them both in this Mexican Catholic wedding ceremony.

As the bride and groom were about to walk down the aisle at this Longview Mansion wedding, the wind caught the bride's veil and made her laugh. Image by Photos Edge.

5 During Jason & Cha’s modern Korean fairytale wedding at Longview Mansion, they decided to forgo the parental traditions, and walked each other down the aisle instead. Moments before they began walking the wind whipped and tugged at Cha’s veil, making her laugh.

A bride and her father make their way up the church steps as the rain falls all around them in this wedding ceremony photo. Image by Photos Edge.

6 Gabrielle’s dad held the umbrella steady, shielding her from the rain as they climbed the steep steps up to St. James Catholic Church in Kansas City, MO

A wedding ceremony photo featuring the mother of the bride and mother of the groom sharing a warm embrace. Image by Photos Edge

7 Asona & Marco’s mothers share an embrace after signing the marriage license during this non-traditional outdoor wedding at Liberty Memorial.

A wedding ceremony photo of the bride and groom. Image by Photos Edge.

8 Grace looked at Shawn with the love of a thousand lifetimes while they exchanged vows, their lives completely intertwined from this moment forward.

A wedding ceremony photo of a couple holding hands in St. John's Methodist Church. Image by Photos Edge

9 This is one of the most interestingly framed wedding ceremony photos. It was taken through the door at St. John’s Methodist Church, to reveal Tricia & Johnny holding hands during their wedding ceremony.

10 Stephanie doubled over in laughter as Brandon read his vows, and the whole room erupted with joy at Loose Mansion. And these two have been making each other smile ever since.

A bride and groom share a mutual smile during their Kansas City Wedding Ceremony at Longview Mansion. Image by Photos Edge

11 After Morgan’s father placed her hand onto Uzo’s, their eyes met. They couldn’t help but smile at each other; the moment they had been preparing for had finally arrived. The world melted away as they said their vows during this dreamy Nigerian-Christian wedding at Longview Mansion.

The flower girl steps into the aisle to get a better view of the Kansas City wedding ceremony at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in Kansas City, MO. Image by Photos Edge

12 A certain little someone with a perfect little bow decided she needed to get a better view of the action during Trevor & Julie’s wedding at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception.

A sentimental moment as the groom touches the window of the car that is bringing his bride to the church, and she reaches up to touch his hand. Wedding Ceremony in Kansas City. Image by Photos Edge

13 Though he couldn’t see her, he knew she was there. And that was enough. This sweet moment was shared by Andrea & Joseph just outside the Holy Rosary Catholic Church where generations of their families have been married.

A colorful swirl of pink and white rose petals adorns the isle of this summer wedding ceremony at Eventful at Locust Grove in Weston, MO. Image by Photos Edge

14 Is there anything more romantic than being led down the aisle by a swirl of pink and white rose petals? Here you see the pattern has become perfectly messy after Carissa’s father walked her up to the altar during this summer wedding at Eventful at Locust Grove.

A quiet moment between a bride and her father before they walk down the aisle. The wedding is a Loose Mansion, the image is by Photos Edge.

15 Susan and her father shared a quiet moment while they paused on the staircase at Loose Mansion before walking down the aisle.

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