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We established Photos Edge in 2007 as Kansas City Wedding Photographers. We’ve watched downtown KC grow around our studio into the majestic city that we are proud to call home. When we aren’t photographing weddings in the Paris of the Plains we can be spotted photographing people around the globe. After all, love has no borders.


Erin & Marco Hernandez-Reisner

We know the world
doesn't stop just because
you're getting married

You are the couple who's bridal party will stand up and talk about how amazing you are, because you were there for them when they hit rock bottom. You're the modern Wonder Woman, the good guys, even though you’re probably too humble to admit it. That’s part of why family & friends adore you. And they mean the world to you too.

Photos Edge is for couples who don't want to give up their careers to plan a wedding, but still believe their big day should be fun & romantic. Just like you are experts in your field, we are virtuosos in wedding photography.  You can breathe easy, your memories are in good hands.

We will photograph the people you love with purpose, watching for every emotion from bursts of laughter to quiet moments & everything in-between. A surgeon doesn't make a cut without having a plan, we work with similar artistic precision. 

We are Wedding Photographers for busy couples.

Addressing the needs of busy couples
one wedding at a time

I like you very much.
Just as you are.

-Bridget Jones' Diary

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Here's looking at YOU, kid.

Here's looking
at YOU, kid.



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The wall art we create for each wedding is exquisite, a masterpiece to last a lifetime. There are many finishes available including revolutionary HD printing that can produce colors never before possible in a photograph. We will go over all the options after your wedding during the Art Ordering Session.   

Each of our albums is carefully crafted in Italy by caring hands. We have many covers and sizes to fit your style.

Wedding Collections Begin at $60K

The stuff that dreams are made of

creating family heirlooms from wedding memories

-The maltese Falcon

-Letters to Juliet

I think it's a story worth telling

Longview Mansion Wedding Album

Unity Village Wedding Album

Union Station Wedding Album

-Jerry Maguire


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