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Embrace life.
Live fully, love honestly, smile until your cheeks hurt, cry because it’s beautiful, laugh with your whole body.
Remember these moments, they are the profound seconds of a grand event.
                         ~ Erin & Marco

Photos Edge - Masterpieces for Life

he rain softly hit the pavement, as I looked down the city lights shined in the refection. He took my hand and we walked. It's the simple things I love most in life. Simple things make up the big events.

 I can't recall the first moment I fell in love with Marco, though he says he remembers falling for me. Mine was gradual or maybe it was always there. Like an old friend that allowed my soul to be at peace. As you guessed it, I am a hopeless romantic, while Marco is the practical adventurer. Together we enjoy traveling and dancing in our kitchen. We love our kids, have coffee every morning, and still take the time to walk in the rain. 
 We believe love is a legacy, to be shared and passed down. The most profound moments quickly pass us by. We hope to capture those memories so that you can hold on to love that much longer, stealing back little seconds from father time. 


Love is a Legacy

We are Erin & Marco Hernandez-Reisner.  We have made our home town Kansas City, however we photograph families, seniors, and weddings all over the world. Love has no boundaries. 

About Us

1) is always changing her hair
2) loves shoes
3) sings all the time
4) enjoys carpet cleaning
5) eats chocolate ice cream with nerds candies
6) is from Kansas
7) adores her husband
8) loves new experiences
9) almost went to the Olympics
10) wears rock star sunglasses
11) was an actress / opera singer
12) was shot in the face…yes really this happened


1. Polo is his middle name...
2. for real, it's his middle name.
3. was born in Mexico City, MX
4. grew up in Portland, OR
5. is bilingual (Eng & Spa)
6. enjoys great action movies
7. wooed Erin by making salsa
8. has been in 5 different oceans
9. enjoys long walks and hikes
10. favorite color is olive green
11. often wears paisley shirts
12. enjoys dancing with Erin in the kitchen at 2:00 am.


Erin & Marco

1) 2 kids, who begged for 1 cat and a 2 dogs
2) eats dinner at the table (except for pizza movie night)
3) has a family game night
4) likes to go on adventures
5) has two lives: a city life, and country
6) Enjoys church
7) can sing, but we will NEVER be the Partridge Family
8) likes to travel and see things
9) kids always ask to go to “the studio”
10) will always love the original Mario bros

Hernandez-Reisner Family

1) Top 10% of photographers in the world
2) Top 5% of wedding photographers in N. America
3) Named Kansas City’s Power Couple
4) Featured on 10 Magazine Covers 
5) 30 Real Weddings Published



Honors REcieved

6) Top 10 Imager Award
7) 1st Place: best still images in a music video
8) 3 time TZIPAC International Photography Finalist
9) 2 time recipient of WPPI Accolades of Excellence
10) Official judges of the St. Louis Wedding Awards


Accolades & Publications

he room was dark, always seemed cold, and I could never write fast enough. I still have the textbook, pages falling out of it's broken binding. The History of Art has found it's way through college with me and has settled itself in our Kansas City studio. 

The Photos Edge classic style is straight out of those pages, inspired by Rembrant and Renoir to create masterpieces for life. The photos are honest, crisp with true color, and are built to be beautiful while telling a story. 

From an early age, Marco and I were performers. The best part is that we know how to set the scene, direct, and pose. Each step strategically choreographed on stage was our foundation, which led to natural posing, making everyone look their best.

Our past experiences have paved the way for a fun and authentic approach to photography, resulting in elegant works of art for you. 

~ Erin has a BFA in Photography, minor in Art History
~ Marco traveled Europe in a Theatre Troupe
~ Erin worked for a Newspaper
~ Marco is a published book editor
~ And... We meet while performing in an Opera,
         Mozart's Don Giovanni
~ We have been photographing together since 2007

fun facts

Behind the ICon

It's a modern spin on the classic paintings: the idea that we would fill homes with museum quality art. The bottom of our icon is the handle of a paint brush while it's bristles have been replaced with a camera's viewfinder. 


Quality, Style, & Education

he Photos Edge studio is located in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City in the historic Firestone building. We are on the 7th floor and have a beautiful view of the Kansas City skyline. 

Walls of brick and rows of windows fill our space making it a photographers dream. We get beautiful natural light filling the studio at all times of the day. With 2000 sq ft, multiple backgrounds, and 20 pieces of furniture we will create something wonderful for you. 

The Studio

All meetings and sessions are by appointment only. 

Not all of our session take place in the studio. We go out and about and travel all over the world. But our studio rocks so we work there a lot. 



This video of Kansas City Wedding Photographers Marco and Erin shows the love and compassion this couple has for weddings. Making everything about art and the couple. They have managed to create a style that has stood the test of time. See how this wonderful couple works together to document weddings beautifully. Marco and Erin are located in Kansas City but they travel all over the world for wedding photography. They are also available for destination weddings as well. Having a husband and wife team document your wedding is a huge advantage. The couple knows each other and works so well together, it is so smooth. For wedding photography check out this video and get to know Erin and Marco from Photos Edge that much better. 

Erin and MARco of Photos EDge

Wedding Photographers

arco and I have been photographing in Kansas City since January 2007, when we photographed our first wedding in a blizzard. I remember it like it was yesterday and we are still friends with that lovely couple. 

In 2009 Photos Edge was established. 

Over the years we have had the privilege of being featured in a few videos. The first was for a wedding planning service, the second was a promo video illustrating our creativity, and in the third we were guests on the news.  



Marco + Erin in Action

Check out Photos Edge in action! This fine art photography studio located in Kansas City is a one of a kind studio. This video shows them photographing portraits and working will all kinds of people. Go on the adventure with them and hear about what their clients have to say. Erin is a creative genius. Take a ride in an airplane, go swimming with a senior, and see all kinds of shots of their studio.  

Photos Edge photography studio in action

Fine Art portrait photography

arco and I have been photographing in Kansas City since January 2007, when we photographed our first wedding in a blizzard. I remember it like it was yesterday and we are still friends with that lovely couple. 

In 2009 Photos Edge was established. 

Over the years we have had the privilege of being featured in a few videos. The first was for a wedding planning service, the second was a promo video illustrating our creativity, and in the third we were guests on the news.  



Marco + Erin in Action

Photos Edge had the honor of being interviewed with Stephanie Ramos, a renowned journalist, who had hired Erin and Marco to photograph her own wedding. This 5 and a half min segment talks about what to look for in a wedding photographer and how to hire a great person for your day. Though a little nervous Erin and Marco did a great job talking about the do's and dont's of hiring a wedding professional. Photography is one of the most important things when it comes to a wedding, making sure you love the photographers work is a must. 

journalist Stephanie Ramos hired erin and marco to shoot her wedding photography

a NEws interview with Photos EDge

arco and I have been photographing in Kansas City since January 2007, when we photographed our first wedding in a blizzard. I remember it like it was yesterday and we are still friends with that lovely couple. 

In 2009 Photos Edge was established. 

Over the years we have had the privilege of being featured in a few videos. The first was for a wedding planning service, the second was a promo video illustrating our creativity, and in the third we were guests on the news.  



Marco + Erin in Action

videos & interviews

the studio

Quality, Style & Education

Accolades & Publications

our family

erin & marco

About Us

Kansas City Photographers, Erin and Marco bare all in this original post about falling in love, leaving a photographic legacy for your family. And what it takes to become one of the worlds best photographers. Check out the links below and get to know them better. Besides families, and senior portraits, they are the top wedding photographers in Kc. Their work is romantic and emotional. They capture the true feeling of the wedding day.  

Get to know KC photographers Erin and Marco

Kansas City Photography 

The Photos Edge portfolio or photo gallery as some may call it. Is filled with beautiful stunning photography from all over the world. The classic style and rembrant museum quality is beyond anything this photography community has seen. It's no wonder Erin and Marco of Photos Edge are ranked in the top 10% of photographers world wide. Kansas City has it's own local photographic celebrities that specialize in making others feel important and beautiful.  The wedding photography gallery is filled with all kinds of weddings from traditional to the creative there is nothing these two can't do. The couples portraits are for couples of all ages, not just engagement sessions. couples portraits are for anyone who wants to capture their love. Senior portraits have influenced the photography world for quite sometime now. But the photos edge style keeps them modern and yet refined so they never go out of style. Each senior gets to be themselves and the colors and the posing is completely natural yet the creativity is one of a kind. Family portraits are a must with photos edge. The Kansas City photography scene is huge and everyone is knocking down the doors at photos edge. From extended family photos to siblings and babies these images are ones for the memory books. 









Photography Services

ARE Timeless

ove calls us into other rooms, pushes open windows, and lights up the dark. Love makes all things possible. It reminds us what we value most and speaks to our souls.
  As photographic artists specializing in fine art portraiture and photojournalism, we strive to create classic yet modern work, that will last through the ages. Photographs to be passed down, shared, and admired. Made for the wall, bound in a book like an iconic novel, and ultimately cherished. These images are timeless! That is why we are a full service studio. All of our portrait and wedding packages are designed to withstand the test of time and to completely cover your needs. We understand that life gets busy, we are here to help. 
Please contact the studio and let us know what service you need.  Marco or I will happily send you a pricing guide and answer any questions you might have.   




     Erin and Marco, from the moment you came into the room, the day became even more exciting and a lot of fun! The idea of having all eyes on me is terrifying, but you made me comfortable. 
I can’t thank you enough for helping me through that! It means so much to me. 
     I knew how talented you were by seeing your amazing photography. But as people, I was not prepared for how beautifully intelligent, caring, hilarious, and genuine you would prove to be. 
     Thank you for capturing our once in a lifetime day in a way that is dear to our hearts.    J+J

Beyond Beautiful

     I was literally brought to tears when I saw the work that Erin and Marco did for my wedding. 
The photos are beyond beautiful. 
     I knew they were capable of such wonderful photography, but seeing what they did for me on my day took my breath away.    M+J

Every Moment

     WOW! I cannot say enough great things about the wedding photos we got from Photos Edge. Erin and Marco were on top of their game and captured every special moment. These two really compliment one another as a pair and it showed in the quality of work we received from them. 
     Erin knew just how to pose people to look their best and she & Marco captured TONS of beautiful candid pictures of our guests and reception. 
     I've had so many compliments on our photos that I can hardly keep up and there is no way I could pick just one favorite! I wish I had more wonderful adjectives to describe their work- but really, it speaks for itself- and I am so glad we picked them to document our special day!    E+A

Best Photographers

     I just love you guys! You two are awesome people, and the best photographers! We LOVE our wedding pictures!    G+S


Photos Edge is simply amazing!    AK

Thank You

     We wanted to say THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH for today! You guys have already made us feel so special, and you’ve made our wedding todo’s everything I have dreamt of!! 
We just couldn’t be happier!    M+R

In Love

     OMG I am in love!!! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you! You made me feel beautiful. Its every girl's dream to look more beautiful than ever on her wedding day, and you made me feel, and look amazing. I am head over heels.    J+J


      Marco & Erin were very easy to talk to, honest, funny, and, above all, professional. On our first meeting they told us everything we wanted to know about their business and the terms we discussed that day never changed; they delivered exactly what they promised.  
     On our wedding day, They were a pleasure to work with. Not only did we enjoy having them there, but our families and wedding party commented how fun and easy it was to work with them. 
     Marco & Erin spent countless hours making sure every single one of our pictures is something they would want to print in a magazine. They told us that when we first met but I didn't really understand until we received our wedding pictures. They were able to capture so many moments and memories that we will share with our family and friends... and each one of those pictures they took are astonishing!    J+S


     Our wedding pics turned out AMAZING!!! Thanks so much for capturing our special and super fun day!    J+B


    One word...PERFECT!  It was so much fun working with this loving couple. Words can’t describe how pleased we are with Photos Edge and we will always and forever recommend them to our friends and family. We have beautiful pictures that will last a lifetime thanks to this extraordinary duo. We are TEAM PHOTOS EDGE!!! Erin and Marco…YOU ROCK!    N+B

True Talent

     Wow. I mean wow! To capture her beauty as these images did, wow. She has this vintage quality of museum. I get it = your ability to think outside of the photos that exist in the giant pile of boring BEEN THERE DONE THAT. 
You are a true talent!    CR

Perfectly Posed

   That has to be one of the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen of a entire bridal party! -BH

Works of Art

     Dear Photos Edge (Erin and Marco!), Thank you guys so much for not only being amazing to work with, but for grasping the vision for our quirky little wedding and taking the most stunning photos to capture it! 
     We are told all the time that our photos are nothing less than works of art. 
    The photos were, to me, the most important part of our wedding (besides my wonderful groom) and I was thrilled with the outcome. 
Thank you so much for the fairytale photos! You guys are the best!    All love.    H+S


     Wow!!! You guys made us look amazing! These shots gave me goose-bumps! I can’t even tell you how honored and excited we are to have our wedding featured in a magazine. Congratulations to you guys!!!  Such beautiful shots could only be captured and manipulated by two of the most talented photographers I have ever worked with. 
     Our wedding pictures are so above and beyond what we were even hoping for, we just couldn’t be happier! I’m so glad we chose you two to preserve our special day. Thank you so much!    S+J

Serious Talent

     The first photo I saw from our wedding literally stopped me dead in my tracks and took my breath away. Photos Edge has SERIOUS talent and can take anything they are dealt and make some fiercely beautiful photographs!    K+J

Very Creative

     Marco and Erin have a very creative way of capturing the beauty of a single moment.  
     We knew they were the ones who would bring out the best in our wedding! 
     From the start, they were great to work with, very personable and easy going! It was like we had known them for years.    T+K

For Life

     I’m in love. We are customers for life. The prints turned out amazing. It was pretty much like my husband and I were on a date but there was someone there taking pictures. 
     With incredible attention to detail I sat with Erin and Marco to decide what to do for our family portraits. They have some AMAZING ideas! And- looking over their books, prints, and wall hangings I couldn't help but drool! 
They are wonderful artists!    S+B

Absolutely Lovely

     I absolutely LOVE it! I can’t believe that is me. Seriously. You are making me ugly cry. Thank You! Your photos are the best. I can’t believe you got me to look so comfortable. 
     You two are just amazing!    JM

Blown Away

     Love Marco & Erin! From the very start they were amazing to work with. We had seen their pictures online, and knew they did a fantastic job, but after taking engagement pictures we were blown away! Not only because the pictures turned out absolutely beautiful, but because we had so much fun taking them. 
     On the wedding day Marco & Erin were fantastic, they did a great job of handling the family as well as making sure to capture those special little moments. They do such a wonderful job taking both traditional and non-traditional photos. My recommendation, let them have creative freedom and the results will amaze you!    M+K

Really Care

     I highly recommend photos edge to all couples looking for professional down to earth photographers that really care about you, your day, and your pictures! 
   They are the absolute best!    J+B


You made my already gorgeous sister look even more like a model! Where were you when I was a senior, or getting married!!!    AK

Gorgeous Pictures

     Erin and Marco, I cannot begin to thank you for the gorgeous pictures of my daughters wedding.  That day is so crazy and blows by so fast we truly do not get to live in the moment. Through your pictures I was able to relive that day again and again. Those memories will be with us forever and you did not miss one single moment.   
Thanks so much!    JM

Absolutely Love

    We absolutely love these! It is so nice to see all of the moments captured that we missed in the midst of the craziness.    T+J

Wedding Perfection

     From pre-wedding planning to last minute detail, day of the wedding perfection, to art gallery quality photographs, I have yet to see or hear of more qualified photographers.
     This husband and wife team truly understands the importance of love and commitment. The most genuinely kind and sweet people you will ever have the pleasure of doing business with on your wedding day.    C+N

One of a Kind

     Erin and Marco were so great to work with! They went above and beyond in so many ways, and were all about capturing our style and making our pictures personal. Our experience with them was one of a kind and they are definitely a one of a kind combo!    C+S

Highly Recommended

     Marco and Erin were a true blessing to us. They provided excellent service with quality photos that captured the beauty of our wedding day. 
     Marco and Erin are such a fun and entertaining couple that gets the job done efficiently and effectively! We laughed quite a bit and enjoyed their photojournalistic talents. 
     I would highly recommend Photos Edge to anyone who desires photos that will be remembered for a lifetime. Thank you Marco and Erin! God bless you both in all that you do!    S+B

Stunning Art

     You don't get pictures when Erin and Marco photograph, you get artwork. Stunning is the only word to describe their work. And, you get the fun of working with them. They took a lot of the stress out of our daughter's wedding. We have only one photographer!    MOB


     The creativity and joy I saw in their work online did not fail me when it came to my own photos.    TD


     Their pictures jump from wonderful memories to art in real life.    M+A

Beyond Happy

     My fiancee planned a surprise romantic weekend in Kansas City complete with an engagement session. Since we live out of town he chose Erin & Marco based on their beautiful work online. Saying he was looking for the best is a bit of an understatement. We are both professional photographers and he is the president of the Professional Photographers of Iowa. We are beyond happy. Erin & Marco exceeded all expectations and not only made our session relaxing and fun, but did it while creating stunning images we will cherish for many years. 
     Thank you Erin and Marco for making our session amazing. We would gladly travel the 4.5 hours to visit you for future photography.  If you are looking for the best in Kansas City, Congratulations! You have found them.    S+J

Enhanced Wedding

     Every picture I saw was stunning, the exact style I was looking for: editorial, unposed, and well-edited. I loved everything. When we met with the two, I felt an immediate connection to who they are as people and artists. 
     What really impressed me most about Marco and Erin, was how they enhanced my wedding day. At every wedding where I have been part of the wedding party, the photographers are pretty silent and passive; not Erin and Marco! They become part of your day and participate in all the excitement. They love what they do and that excitement enhances how you feel as the bride. I love that about them.    A+K

Excited Love

     Yaaaay! These are great! WOW! I am so excited. We LOVE them! We can’t even pick a favorite! thank you, thank you, thank you! 
     You guys were so great to work with! I really appreciate all of your hard work on these, they are just amazing!    M+B

The Best

Marco and Erin are by far the best photographers in the WORLD.    S+J


     We had such a wonderful experience! We have a special needs son who can be hard to photograph and they did an excellent job capturing our whole family including him!!!! 
     I highly recommend them! They were great to work with and so very kind! And I just LOVE how the photos turned out.    TM

So fun

Amazing and so fun to work with! 
You guys rock.    E+E

Unbelievable Talent

 Unbelievable talent!  They made us feel comfortable and exceeded our expectations!    K+G

Instantly in Love

     We instantly fell in love with Erin and Marco's style. Their images not only reflect emotions; they reflect the level of comfort the subjects have with them. The creativity and joy we saw in their work online did not fail us when it came to our own photos. They knew how to make us comfortable in front of the camera.  Beyond their professionalism, they are kind and congenial, thoughtful and savvy. Even the recently married members of our wedding party told us they were envious that we had such great photographers. We never thought we would actually befriend our wedding photographers, but we did. 
    Have a simple conversation with them, you will understand why we had the best photographers.    J+R

"Oh captain, my captain."  from Dead Poets Society

Natural Ability

     My Wedding pictures look like they came out of a bridal magazine. Erin you are very creative...
This natural ability for photography is incredible. 
     I have art hanging in my house and it is of me. 
I can't believe it's me!! I wanted my pictures to be timeless and you delivered.    J+B

Exceeded Expectations

     Wow, the best Ever! I would recommend them a million times over. There is no better duo in the world than Erin and Marco. 
     You two are the greatest photographers we ever could have asked for. You literally exceeded EVERY expectation.    G+M 


     Their work truly speaks for itself. When I saw their photos in a magazine, I was amazed. I feel so lucky that they were available to shoot my wedding. 
     When we decided to take the wedding out of town, they were willing to go out of their way to join us on our destination.    B+B


     Our wedding was b-e-a-u-tiful, the proof is in the pictures. The color is brilliant, the lighting made everyone look fantastic, and the moments captured were precious. I wouldn’t have changed a thing.
     Not only did the pictures turn out wonderful, the experience of actually capturing them was easy breezy. Erin and Marco made it seem like cake! It’s wonderful to know we didn’t have to sacrifice talent for attitude, when so often you have to make that choice. 
     We recommend Photos Edge to everyone. You won’t regret having the most beautiful wedding photos ever!    C+M

Vanity Fair

     I love them! You have made us look like Vanity Fair…thank you so much. WOW!!! I feel honored. Thank you for making this such a wonderful day. I knew it was the best choice ever to pick you as our photographers. You did a fabulous job. We look amazing!
     Thanks for helping capture our love.  They are all gorgeous. Thank you so much…you have TOTALLY made my day.  I am stoked that you were our wedding photographers.    L+A

Capturing the Moment

     Working with Marco & Erin was the best decision we made for our wedding. They are incredibly talented and easy to work with. Erin makes everyone look amazing!  We were instantly put at ease. Everything felt natural, nothing was forced, which was great for my photo shy husband. 
     They have a gift for capturing the moment as it happens. Our engagement photos were fun and truly capture who we are as a couple. 
     Erin & Marco gave our wedding the attention it deserved. Book them, we are so happy that we did!    B+K

Very Impressed

NOTE:   My mother was very impressed with you two and your work. She wanted me to let you know that she would save you both from a burning building.    B+K

Marco and I are thrilled we have heroes when we need them!!! Tell your mom she rocks. 

e believe happiness is important, so we strive to not only provide stunning photos, but a great experience. It has been an honor to touch so many people’s lives with our photography. But, they have also touched ours. Marco & I truly understand the importance photographs have on the world. Images from your life hold so much value, we are excited to share in your moments and document your lives.  Through the years we have had wonderful people send us thoughtful, loving messages. Thank you for the kind words, rave reviews, and recommendations. Our business isn't possible without you! 


Reviews & Kind Words

Send us a message. WE'RE REALLY FRIENDLY.

Contact Us

All content (c) Photos Edge  

Email: studio (a) 

Phone: 913-602-7043

Photos Edge | 2001 Grand Blvd. Suite 505 | Kansas City, Mo. 64108

Wedding Photography by Photos Edge is both fun and classic. These Kansas City Wedding Photographers know what they are doing when it comes to refined wedding photos.  They are always creative but never lose site of what is really important, the love of the couple getting married.  The focus is always on capturing moments as they unfold with beautiful photojournalism. Erin and Marco have become masters at posing couples during the portrait time. Also known for their bridal party shots, Photos Edge creates art with the bridal party and captures the best version of each bridal party member.  

Photos Edge has photographed over 200 weddings. They capture destination weddings along with embracing their home town. Kansas City weddings is a big deal, brides often book and plan their weddings from other states. Erin and Marco are great when it comes to working with busy couples. They are young professionals and they love working with young professionals. 

Take a look at their stunning photography and embrace their wedding photography. They photograph multi cultural weddings, and are great with capturing true skin tones. 

The Intercontinental has been a wonderful location for Wedding Photography that is where Marco and Erin photograph most Indian Weddings. 

Some  of the places Photos Edge regularly photographs are weddings at longview mansion. Weddings at Loose Mansion, 28 event space, the Berg event space, The Firestone building, Union Station weddings. They have also photographed weddings in the prestigious Kauffman Center of Performing arts. Westin crown center is always a good time. While the president hotel has been a prized location for stunning Kansas City weddings that photos edge has been apart of. The Sheraton of Kansas City, and Pennway place have become wonderful favorites of Photos Edge.  

And come highly recommended by Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church, Redmptorist Catholic church, Country club christian church, St. Michael the arch angel, St. Johns Methodist Church, Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Visitation church, Grace and Holy Trinity Cathedral to name just a few.  

The award winning wedding photography by photos edge is looked at as crisp, classic with true colors, and beautiful. 

Kansas City WEdding Photographers

Wedding photography

Kansas City Photographers Erin and Marco began expanding their Engagement photography to include more than just those getting married. Though everyone loves their Engagement photography and their photographic ideas, Erin and Marco wanted to take Photos Edge to the next level and add a gallery for Engagements and for couples of all ages. 

Couples portraits, are fun, it's like your on a date, having an amazing time all the while capturing photos that document your love that you can share and have forever. At any age love it beautiful. Check out Photos Edge for Kansas City Couples Photography.  They also photograph couples in Colorado, North Carolina, San Fransisco, LA, Boston, New York, and especially Kansas City. 

couples photography

KAsnas City Engagement Photography

Senior portrait photographers Photos Edge specialize in clean, beautiful, and natural photography. Senior portraits should be a reflection of who you are. Our photography style and editing makes it easy for you to be at your best. With real colors, cool environments, and natural poses, we will create one of a kind senior photos. It’s your senior year. Own it and be yourself.

Kansas City senior Photography is huge, we go all over. From the skyline of downtown to the urban streets of the city to parks and ivy. We can eve customize a senior session with your friends and family. Pets are a huge part of senior portrait photography along with any sporting activities you would like to share with us.   We are excited to hear from you and photograph your custom session.  Photos Edge portrait studio is also available for senior portraits.

Photos Edge is a creative and award winning senior portrait photography studio. From summer, to Snow, and spring to fall photos edge has embraced every season with senior photos. Contact us today and tell us about your senior photography vision.   

Kansas City Photography

Senior Portraits

Each moment spent with our loved ones is cherished. Every second seems to fly by, but the one thing that never fails is love. Before we know it our children are grown, their beaming grins and playful laughter become memories. It is our mission to bring the focus back to the family with a blend of photographic styles that ensures genuine smiles and great memories. 

As Kansas City Photographers we strive to produce one of a kind portraits for your family, while maintaining the classic Photos Edge style.  We have no problem hearing about your wants and needs, we would love to get to know your family and photograph something you like. Let us know if you enjoy our urban studio, or if you require portraits around Kansas City.  Photos Edge is fully equipped to photograph around the holidays when families get together. Erin and Marco understand the importance of family and truly embrace the idea of extended family portraits. The even travel all over the world. And are available for destination family portraits. Though they are Kansas City's leading photography studio and they produce official Kansas City Photography, so far they have photographed families in Massachusetts, North Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, Nevada, and Florida.  

Photos Edge photographs, family portraits newborn photography, babies, teens, belly and maternity portraits, and photographs children with special needs.  And we photograph siblings of all ages. 

We look forward to hearing from you and getting to know your family better. Here's to making artistic memories!     

Kansas City Photographers



YOu are One STep Closer to HAppiness!

Talk to you soon. 

~MARco + ERin

~ Message Sent ~